Ceramic Break Sculpture Park

Current Exhibitions and Events

We invite you to our April Exhibition
Sunday, April 23rd, 12-5 pm

Individual Insights

The culmination of 5 months creative work by our Artist in Residence, Julie Bannister.
She has crafted beautiful and colourful paintings in oils, acrylics and mixed media. Sometimes provocative, each piece is a personal reflection.

Julie Bannister


A collection from three emerging artists.

Emma Regan's stunning and joyful acrylics are inspired by 'the rebirth of life' in spring. Her depiction of the natural world illustrates her passion for vibrant colours — turquoises, pinks and purples.

Emma Regan

Jessica Hall works predominantly in graphite on paper and she aims to capture 'our beautiful world'. Her subject matter demonstrates a keen eye and sensitivity for native wildlife. At age 16, living in Forster NSW, Jessica has already achieved several commissions and is currently illustrating a children's book.

Jessica Hall

Brent Emerson is an Indigenous artist who creates powerful political and spiritual work. Painting in acrylic on canvas he likes to represent native animals in bold simplified fashion using bright colours. He has adapted the principles of linocut printmaking to create a modern approach to the more traditional art of his country.

Brent Emerson

Lunch and refreshments provided.

Entry by gold coin donation.
Bring your own utensils to enter the 'The Green Raffle' to a win a beautiful plant and a beautiful planet.

Exhibition continues through May.


Ceramic Break Sculpture Park is currently housing a diverse arrangement of artists from across the state.

Some of these artists are extremely successful in their own right having shown and sold work in many Galleries over the years.

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