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Three Perspectives

Ceramic Break Sculpture Park proudly presents the artworks of Robyne Berling, Suzanne Land and Sylvia Davies

At Ceramic Break Sculpture Park we welcomed the first day of spring at our opening on Saturday 1st September. The day was sunny and the visitors cheery as they wended their way through The Parade of Heroes to see the Art Show, ‘Three Perspectives’ and the ‘Inaugural Travelling Quilts Challenge.’ Art, Quilts and visitors were magnificent and with lunch and refreshments under their belts everyone was keen to peruse the 3 Galleries.

The exquisite works of Sydney artists, Robyne Berling, Suzanne Lane and Sylvia Davies drew the crowds and the artists’ generous donations to the local drought appeals won many hearts. Several homes in the district will be displaying art from this show.

Exhibition continues through October


Ceramic Break Sculpture Park is currently housing a diverse arrangement of artists from across the state.

Some of these artists are extremely successful in their own right having shown and sold work in many Galleries over the years.

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